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Mutts Story

Have you ever wondered why there are gift baskets for people, but no gift baskets for dogs and cats? It sounds a little unfair, right? Luckily for dogs and cats and pet owners alike, Mutts & Mousers believes that pets are as integral to a family as people, and they deserve just as much appreciation (if not more). 

That is why we created Mutts & Mousers: perfect and unique gift baskets to give to the pet owners on your list - or to indulge your own dog or cat. We believe that pets are family members too, and as such should be treated that way. With Mutts & Mousers we wanted something that was a great gift to give to the pet lover on your list. We believe that our gift baskets are the purrrfect gifts for the pet owner in your life and are just as good as a belly rub. Show how much you care about the cat or dog in your life by gifting them with one of our unique Mutts & Mousers Dog & Cat Gift Baskets! 

While Mutts & Mousers handles predominantly gifts for dogs and cats, we are part of a larger umbrella of businesses and brands, all under The Gift Group banner. Providing gifts and gift baskets in a number of varying areas of interests, like dog and cat treats and supplies, flowers and floral arrangements, healthy gift baskets, kosher food, wine and beer subscriptions, and so much more.

Each of The Gift Group brands follows all four of our Core Values: People, Service, Quality, and Innovation. These values determine everything we do as we strive to create the best goods and services available to our customers to ensure the very best gifting experience for all.

Our unique gift baskets are made by hand, so if you would like to mix or match any of our gift products for your own design or budget, just let us know. We're happy to accommodate your special request!