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Oct 16 World day for cat

Oct 16 World day for cat

We Have Loved Our Cats Since The Beginning Of Time — Or Close To It. In Fact, The Ancient Egyptians Were The First Civilization To Harness The Glory Of The Feline. Nearly 4,000 Years Ago, They Domesticated Our Four-Legged Friends By Keeping Them Near Food Stores. Splurge On Toys For Your Cat This World Cat Day And Hear Them With That Motor-Like Purr, As They Show Their Appreciation.
For World Cat Day On August 8, We Celebrate One Of Humanity’s Most Ancient Pets. Of Course, If You’re A Cat Owner, You Know That Every Day Is World Cat Day. Lest We Forget, World Cat Day Is All About Our Four-Legged Feline Friends. Browse Our Selection Of World Cat Day Gifts And Show Your Love For The Special Feline In Your Life.
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