NATIONAL MUTT DAY (JULY 31ST) Canada & Toronto Ontario

July 31 National mutt day

July 31 National mutt day

National Mutt Day, Also Known As National Mixed Breed Dog Day Is A Celebration Of Mixed Breeds Of Dogs. This Day Looks To Provide Awareness, Love, And Support To Mixed Breed Dogs. If You Have A Mixed Breed Dog Or Know Someone Who Does, Gift Them One Of Our National Mutt Day Gifts And Help Spread The Awareness Of Dogs In Need Of Rescue.
Mixed Breed Dogs Tend To Be Healthier, Better Behaved, They Live Longer And Are Just As Able To Perform The Duties Of Purebred Dogs - Such As Bomb And Drug Sniffing, Search And Rescue And Guiding The Blind. There Are Millions Of Loving And Healthy Mixed Breed Dogs, So Celebrate Them With Mutts & Mousers’ National Mutt Day Gifts!
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