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NATIONAL PUPPY DAY (MAR. 23RD) Canada & Toronto Ontario

Mar 23 National day for Puppy

Mar 23 National day for Puppy

This Day Brings Awareness To Orphaned Puppies; It Helps Educate The Public About The Horrors Of Puppy Mills And Promotes Adoption Instead Of Buying. If You Decide To Add A Pet To Your Family, This Is A Good Time To Do So! Mutts & Mousers National Puppy Day Gifts Offers The Perfect Selection Of Gifts, Treats, And Toys To Help Get Your Puppy Settled In To Their Forever Home!
Puppy Day Celebrates That Most Adorable Of Our Four-Footed Friends, The Baby Canine, And It’s Quite Possibly The Cutest Day Ever. Mutts & Mousers National Puppy Day Gifts Help To Spread The Unconditional Love That Puppies Bring To People's Lives. Here's Your Chance To Spread The Word And Celebrate All Living Things On National Puppy Day!
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